4 x Fantasy types for sale

4 x Fantasy types for sale

* Double hull / box hold / open hatch *

M/V Pacific Fighter - LIB Flag - Ex Clipper Fighter
29,500 Mtdw on 10.02M
Blt 2/1998 Dalian
BV Bv SS 05/18 DD 04/16
Loa 181.00 Lbp 173.19 Beam 26.00 Depth 14.40 M
5/5 Ho/Ha 36,311/35,452 Cbm Gr/Bl 1,172 TEU
C 5x30t
B+W 5S50MC 8,701 BHP
CO2 fitted
Laden Sp/Cons abt 13.50k on 24t

- Eta Onahama 30th May am and will berth on arrival to discharge     
  entire cargo. Etc 10th June
- Can give charterfree delivery thereafter

and sisters:

M/V Clipper Freeway
Blt 98 BV SS 03/18 DD 03/16

- Completed discharge at Jingtang, China and now at outer anchorage 
  awaiting orders
- Charterfree delivery September

M/V Fiesta
Blt 97 ABS SS 04/17 DD 02/15

- Eta Callao, Peru 31st May, etc 3rd June if no port congestion
- Thereafter likely Far East where can give delivery
- Charterfree delivery June

M/V Pacific Fantasy
Blt 96 ABS SS 01/16 DD 01/14

- Eta Shihu, China Friday 30th May to discharge. Etb 30/31st May for 3
  days discharge
- Charterfree delivery August


Holding full info here.

(all details given in good faith but without guarantee)


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