below cargo vsl for ppt delivery

exclusively in our hands from close owners with whom just acted can
propose below cargo vsl for ppt dely

vsl shortly insp alex eta 20/21st july 2013

owners keen and serious sellers, can fully guide you

Abt 3,592 Mtdw on 5.66M Draft, GRT 2584/NRT 1402
Blt 10/1982 Narasaki Zosen, (JAP),
Loa 91.91m Lbp 84.00m x Beam 14.03m x 6.90m Depth,
Class BR SS due 10/2017 DD due 10/2015,
2 Ho, co2 not fitted 2 Ha, No.1  20.15 X 8.0  - No.2  20.15 X 10.20
M,  McGregor single pull folding
4,983 m3 Grain 4,660 m3 Bale
100 TEU, 60Ho/40Dk,
Hatch:1 TONS, Tank Top:4,87 TONS,
DR 2 x 3.00t
DR 2 x 18.00t
Hanshin, 6EL32, 2,000 BHP 280 Rpm,
10.00K/4.50T Ldn, 8.50K/3.20T Ldn, (180) + MGO 0.60 At Sea,
IFO 3,0 ton perday
Gen: 3 x 140 KW, 220 Ps X 1200 Rpm
Ldt 1,467 MT

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