for sale foll handy bulker M/v African Star

for sale foll handy bulker

M/v African Star
grd st bc  logger ital flg blt 91 (oshima shipbuilding)
classed rina / pandi standard
vsl has dd and intermediate due
42.003 mt dwt on 11,22 mtrs tpc 47,60/tpi 120,9
co2 fitted    aussie hold ldders
mcgregor folding type hatchcovers
loa 179,99 mtrs / beam 30,50 mtrs
grt 23272 / nrt 13681
52.125 cbg / 1.840.779 cf
5/5 hoha
ha dim n.1 14,40m n.2/5 19,20m all by 15,30 mtrs
4 x 25 ts cranes with 4 x 8cm peiner grabs
speed/consumption about 13 kn on abt 24 mt ifo 380 cst plus abt 2 mt
ifo 380
for aux portcons idle abt 2.5 mt ifo + 0.1 mt mdo
portcons wkng abt 3.5 mt ifo + 0.1 mt mdo
vessel can use mdo for monouvring, in narrow waters.

"all details about "

Vsl presently Douala, then Takoradi to load mineral
Vsl will disch China end November where deliverable

full guidance on price here

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