Deadweight: 22201 mts on 9,11 m  draft
Built in 1992 in JAPAN at SAIKI JUKOGYO
Class: LR SS: 1/6/2015 DD: 30/5/2015
Gross: 13706 / Net: 7738
LOA: 157,5 m -  Breadth 25 m -  Depth 12,7 m
Holds: 4 Hatches: 4
Grain: 29301 cbm Bale: 28299
Hatch Covers: MCGR
Gear: 4 X 30t CRANES
ME: Mitsubishi 6UEC45LA BHP: 6241/139RPM
Generators: 2 X 400 KW

Kindly inform Sellers have declared below arrangement for Aino Dake:

Now vessel sailed from Thailand to Nakhodka. She will load steel
products at Nakhodka and discharging port will be Kaohsiung. It is not
decided yet whether discharging port will be only Kaohsiung or may be
one more disch port (Manila or Thailand).

ETA Kaohsiung  25th -27th February. Most probably she will stay at
Kaohsiung only one day , depending on cargo quantity.

Therefore the only time for vessel’s inspection is one day at
Kaohsiung. Buyers are kindly requested to plan accordingly. After that
Sellers will declare dead line date for offers. Presume it will be on
05th March . during 05th- 07th March we’ll make preliminary agreement
and sign recap for sale. Then Sellers will need 3 days for BOD
approval (usually one day is sufficient). If all goes well with MOA
and deposit then the Buyers can place observers on board during
10th-20th March. Vessel will be delivered during April at the range

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