for sale, Open Hatch/Box Shaped bulker
which was built for current European Owners:-

mv 'Skagen' - Panama Flag - IMO No: 9537472
abt 16,808 tdw on 8.25m draft
Built 10/2009 by Zhejiang Hongchhang Shipbuilding Co., China
Class: G.L., 'Ice 1D', SS + DD next due 10/2014
LOA 147.55, Beam 23.00, Depth 11.80 M
21,648 Cbm G/B
4 Holds, 4 Hatches, Hydaulic folding covers
Cranes: 3x25
m/e 'MAN-B+W' type '9L32/40' 6,120 BHP,
3 x 'Cummins' Aux of 400kw each
Abt 12k on abt 15.5 mt IFO 380cst + abt 1.5mt GO (in port idle
abt 1.5mt GO and abt 2.5mt GO with gear working)
LDT: 5,169

Double Skin, Open Hatch, Box Shaped, Strengthened for heavy
cargoes with alternate hold loading, suitable for grab
discarge, CO2 in holds, 13t/sqm tanktop strength.
Accomodation for 21 European style. Suez + Panama canal fitted.

(all details are given in good faith but without any guarantee)


Owners are inviting best cash 'outright' offers in line with the
current market.

Vessel is on 6 months T/C to European Chrrs until end May 2014 (+/- 30
days CHOP) at USD 7,000 daily. C/F delivery on completion of t/c or
try earlier incl balance subj Chrrs approval of Buyers.

mv 'Skagen' is currently enroute to Iskenderun, Turkey where she is
due around 22-24th February - she will be inspectable on completion
of her discharge end Feb/early March.

Owners wish to sell 'Skagen' first but if two sisters are needed, we
can try to develop mv 'Alaya' enbloc (also Built 12/2009, SS+DD due
12/2014, but with Hyundai 'Himsen' m/e, type '9H32/40P', 4320kw).

mv 'Alaya' loaded a cargo of wheat in Houston for discharge La Guaira
where due around 12th Feb and will complete discharge 25-28th Feb.
She is not yet fixed further

We have access to an inspection report for mv 'Skagen' (dated May
2013) from independant surveyors which we can make available to
serious named Buyers.

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